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The Leading Virtual Care Platform for Veterinarians

VetNOW‘s industry-leading veterinary telemedicine platform connects veterinary practitioners with their clients and farms through an easy, secure, and VCPR-compliant virtual interface. VetNOW‘s platform is now available for use by food animal veterinarians and their clients.

Why VetNOW?

VetNOW enhances the level of veterinarian guidance, leads to improved animal outcomes, and increases new revenue opportunities for veterinary practices.

The veterinarian always maintains the direct relationship with their clients. VetNOW provides a secure platform for virtual farm visits via a fluid, cloud-based service.

Overcomes distance and biosecurity barriers so that you can remain involved for important animal health and farm management decisions.

How It Works

Use VetNOW to triage, work through, and follow-up on cases in a flash. Increasing the number of touchpoints between the veterinarian and client while handling a case promotes the practice of preventive medicine, resulting in healthier animals and dollars saved.

With VetNOW, you have the option to easily monetize the time you are already spending on phone calls, texts, and emails with your client.

Maximizes the outreach and productivity of your veterinary practice while increasing client satisfaction, knowledge, and comfort level with telemedicine.

The client only needs an internet connection and computer or a smart device to access VetNOW‘s patented online software.

Allows options for newly graduated veterinarians to connect with experienced or specialist veterinarians when they find themselves alone in the field with a difficult case.

VetNOW automatically documents a secure, retrievable medical record after each virtual visit. Integrate easily with existing health records and diagnostic reports to access a complete medical history of the farm.

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Dr. Gil Patterson


Dr. Gilbert “Gil” Patterson, VMD, MPH, DACVPM, has accepted a position at VetNOW as the Chief Medical Officer, Food Animal. Dr. Patterson will be integrating VetNOW‘s platform so that it fits the needs of food animal veterinarians and their clients. He will be working with the VetNOW team to further develop and improve the veterinarian’s experience with the platform, by making it a one-stop shop for virtual visits , and will be helping the company navigate any needs that arise in the area of public health, preventative medicine and policy.

Dr. Patterson got his veterinary degree at the University of Pennsylvania College of Veterinary Medicine. After spending four years in food animal practice in Minnesota, he did a residency in Veterinary Public Health and Preventative Medicine at the University of Minnesota where he earned a Master of Public Health (MPH). He is currently the chair of the AVMA’s Food Safety Advisory Committee. Welcome Dr. Patterson.