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NEW Announcement: Welcome to ProductionVetNOW

NEW Announcement: Welcome to ProductionVetNOW

NEW Announcement: Welcome to ProductionVetNOW | production animal veterinarian 05 gilbert patterson vetnow e1623692124153 | VetNOW | Veterinary Telemedicine Platform for Veterinary Specialty Care | 1000 Noble Energy Drive, Suite 600 Pittsburgh, PA 15317 |

I am Dr. Gil Patterson, Chief Medical Officer for the industry’s leader in veterinary telehealth, VetNOW.  I am excited to introduce you to VetNOW’s Virtual Care Platform, along with its newest installment, ProductionVetNOW, a veterinary telemedicine interface designed specifically for food animal veterinarians. 

Offering formalized telemedicine to your clients is a great way to supplement your existing VCPRs.  Use it to stay in touch with your clients, especially when distance or biosecurity prevent you from getting to the farm in person.  ProductionVetNOW’s patented software documents your client interactions securely, providing you with an easily retrievable and billable medical record.  Our platform drives improved animal health and financial outcomes for veterinarians and their clients by facilitating accessible, cost-effective, and time-saving care through any web-enabled smartphone, tablet, or computer.

A new chapter of food animal veterinary practice is at hand, one in which telemedicine offers a timely solution to bridge gaps in veterinary availability and accessibility.  Please reach out to learn more about how ProductionVetNOW can be your connected care solution. My team and I look forward to meeting with you to hear more about your veterinary practice needs and answer your telemedicine questions. Please feel free to check out our website, and let us know if you would like chat further.  Thanks!

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The Mission of VetNOW is to enhance the global veterinary standard of specialty care by creating access to personalized, vet specialty treatment at a reasonable cost across a virtual care platform to that advances the advanced veterinary care through continued education, vet telemedicine training, and diagnostic discovery.

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