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The Industry-Leading Virtual Care Platform

A Vet Virtual Care Platform That Scales to Your Patients' Needs

VetNOW is a virtual care platform providing veterinary telehealth services. Our software platform enables veterinarians to grow their practice and connect veterinary specialists, virtually, securely, in real-time and on any web-enabled device. The high definition technology allows for virtual patient examinations and the remote monitoring of pet health care.
Diagnostic Data can be shared amongst patients, veterinarians and vet specialists to maximize the quality of pet care when they need it most. More than just veterinary telehealth, VetNOW provides a complete virtual ecosystem for veterinary specialty care.

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Why Join VetNOW?

Better Service Delivery

Teleconsulting enables the direct, virtual interaction between veterinarians and veterinary specialists without the limits of location. This highly valuable service allows veterinarians to expand their service offerings, significantly improve access to care, and create additional revenue-generating opportunities. When combined in practice, these enhanced interactions increase the potential for instructions/care compliance between the patients and the veterinarian, maximizing the probability of achieving an enhanced health status of the patient.

Easily Integrated Software

The VetNOW system is compatible with virtually any Internet-connected device, and seamlessly integrates with any other veterinary application and practice management software. This integrated network provides a single access point connecting all aspects of veterinary care including the veterinarian, the client/ patient, the veterinary specialist, laboratories, academic institutions, veterinary hospitals, and electronic health records.

Advanced Records Management

The VetNOW platform operates on a cloud-based system, which means that data storage and security are not the responsibility of the veterinarian, and they can access the system from anywhere in the world. The system allows veterinarians to safely and securely store patient information, including Medical images; Medical records; Responses to medical history examination; Profile and contact information, all of which can be shared amongst veterinarians, veterinary specialists, academics, and clients to maximize care.

Integrated Office Management

The VetNOW platform maintains and encourages the VCPR, which is essential to providing high quality, veterinarian-centered care. Through integrated calendar features which allow the veterinarian to keep track of appointments; several effective search tools where the veterinarian can search for appointments, files, and other patient information; virtual booking and appointment management tools; and survey tools, VetNOW will revolutionize clinics’ service to their clients.

Modern User Interface

The VetNOW system is tailored to meet the needs of all the various individuals that will be using it, with a customized, user-friendly interface specific to patients, veterinarians, specialists, and academics. The high-definition video quality enables all parties to feel like they are in the room, and an integrated messenger application allows for accessible ongoing communication outside of the appointment itself.

By Veterinarians, For Veterinarians

VetNOW is the only veterinary telehealth service that is led, owned and operated by a veterinarian, meaning that each feature has been included because it will improve your services and help you best serve your clients. Customers will always have access to the latest version of the platform and no extra cost, and help desk/customer support is available 24/7.

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